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Television while eating: If you have a habit of watching TV or mobile phone while eating, then be careful immediately, because it causes many types of damage to health. Not only adults, but if children also have this habit, then its negative effects can also be seen on their body. In a research on the eating habits of children in a prestigious magazine named Environmental General of Health, a new thing came to the fore that the risk of obesity increases manifold in children up to 10 years of age who eat while watching TV. While having lunch or dinner while interacting with the family reduces the risk of obesity.

Actually, the bad habits of man are pushing him towards serious diseases. Most people get used to watching TV and mobile phones while eating since childhood, due to which they face many serious problems later. If you also have such a habit, then stop it immediately. If you do not do this, then obesity, stomach problems, weak eyes, etc. can be a problem. Know what harm can be done to the body by watching TV or mobile phone while eating.

heart disease risk

By eating food while watching TV or mobile phone, all the attention remains on the screen, due to which the body’s metabolism slows down and then fat starts accumulating. On the other hand, the person does not even care that how much he has eaten, which again increases the weight. If you have this habit for a long time, then due to weight gain, you may have many serious diseases like heart problems, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure etc.

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stomach problems

At the time of eating, more attention remains towards the screen than watching TV, due to which you eat food quickly and do not chew it in sufficient quantity. Because the food is not cut properly, it can cause problems like indigestion, pain etc. in the stomach. If you have this habit for a long time, then it can also cause stomach related diseases.

weight may increase

It was revealed in a research that when a person watches TV and an advertisement related to food and drink comes in it, then the desire to eat becomes intense and he starts feeling hungry in a short while. By continuously eating something or the other, the weight increases and then there are many problems.

sleep will be bad

If you watch TV or mobile phone while eating at night, it can disturb your sleep. Actually, while watching the screen, many times a person eats more food than the limit, due to which it becomes difficult to digest in the stomach. In such a situation, there is a problem throughout the night and sleep is disturbed again and again.

10 to 12% children are obese

In a survey published in Biomed Central General, it was revealed that the complaint of obesity in children is increasing. 10 to 12% of children in India are obese. One reason for this is watching TV and mobile phone while eating.

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