You must have drank a lot of RO water installed in your homes… but do you know what its full form is?


RO Water Purifier: At present the problem of pollution is increasing continuously. This is the reason why most people use RO in their homes to clean the water. In today’s time, as the pollution is increasing, the demand for RO water purifier is also increasing. Especially in big cities, it is installed in almost all the houses and offices. But, do you know how it works? Why is it called RO? If not, then today we will tell you how RO water purifier works and what is the full form of RO. Just keep reading this article…

What is RO?
RO is a process operated through electricity. In this process plain and contaminated water is converted into clean water. In this whole step a water purifier cleans the water by removing iron, solids and TDS in the water. The full form of RO is Reverse Osmosis, which in Hindi is called opposite diffusion.

What is TDS?
The full name of TDS is Total Dissolved Solid. Many mineral salts such as calcium, nitrate, iron, sulphur, organic etc. are dissolved in the water, because of which the taste of water also becomes bad and it is also harmful for health. This TDS is taken out of the water by RO technology. In the reverse osmosis process, water is passed through several membranes to obtain clean water.

How does RO work?
RO is a kind of machine. In this, water is extracted through a thin membrane with pressure. Due to this, impurities of water come in the membrane and clean water goes down. Reverse osmosis process is also there in the kidneys of humans and animals to absorb water from the blood. Cross filtration takes place in the RO process. Two sections are made in its machine. Filtered water enters one of these, while contaminated water exits the other.

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In how long does RO make water clean?
There are many types of RO available in the market. The ability of all these to clean the water is also different. Some RO can clean 8 liters, some 10, some 15 to 25 liters of water. The bigger the model you use, the more water you get. However, their prices also vary according to the size. The cost of big RO is also high.

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