You can travel by train only with platform ticket. Know these important rules related to railway


Indian Railway Rules: Indian Railways is considered the lifeline for the common people. Indian Railways is one of the largest rail network in the world. Every day, crores of passengers travel by train to reach their destination. In such a situation, for the convenience of the passengers, some important rules have been made so that people do not face any problem during the journey. It is very important to have a valid ticket while traveling in the train.

If a passenger is caught traveling without a ticket, then Railways (Railway News) can take strict action against him. He can be fined as well as imprisoned. But do you know that you can travel with platform ticket also and TTE cannot get you down from the train. Let us know about this rule-

You can travel in train through platform ticket

Many times people suddenly make plans to go somewhere. In such a situation, they do not even get time to buy tickets. If this is the case with you too, then you can board the train by buying a platform ticket (Railway Station Platform Ticket) from the railway station. TTE cannot stop you from boarding and traveling in the train. After this you can buy ticket from TTE from your boarding station to destination. Keep in mind that the fare will be determined only on the class in which you are traveling.

Carry the ticket bought from the ticket counter

If you have bought the ticket for your journey from the ticket counter of the railway station, then keep in mind that it is mandatory for the passenger to keep the ticket bought from the ticket counter with him. Even if you take only a photo of the counter ticket and keep it with you, it will not be considered as a valid ticket. If your counter ticket is lost then you have to fulfill certain conditions. After this you will get permission to travel without counter ticket. First of all, the passenger has to prove that the person in whose name the ticket is made is the same person. After this, you can travel in the train by paying the fine.

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