You can also get piles disease due to these wrong habits, it is important to be careful in time


Piles Home Treatment: In your routine, the way of eating, the way of sleeping, the way of sitting, even the way of going to the toilet also has a good and bad effect on the health. Now you must be thinking that the way of going to the toilet can be wrong and how it can affect you badly, then let us tell you that if you have a habit of sitting in the bathroom for hours, then you can get a disease like piles. can give birth. Yes, this disease occurs quickly due to wrong lifestyle. If you are eating things made of fried, spicy, refined flour, then these can also have a bad effect on your health.

You can also get piles due to these wrong habits

Most of the office work is also done sitting, in such a situation you need to take many precautions. Mostly those people have the problem of piles, who do the work of sitting for hours. The beginning of this disease starts with constipation, which gradually turns into piles. This disease can be of two types, one is piles piles and the other is bloody piles. Both physically disturb the person a lot. In hemorrhoids, there are painful warts outside the anus, in which there is only pain and no blood comes out. In bloody piles, the warts are inside the anus, in which peeling at the time of fresh causes pain and bleeds profusely.

you have to be careful in time

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According to doctors, people who have the habit of sitting for hours in the bathroom should not do so. It is not right to sit for long. People who are suffering from piles disease, they also do not need to worry, this disease is not fatal, but timely treatment is necessary. You can get relief from this disease by taking some measures at home as well. People who are suffering from piles should include only fiber rich foods in their diet, because such foods make bowel movements easier. Apart from this, drink a lot of water. Drinking more water is very beneficial for your health. At least 5 to 6 glasses of water should be drunk daily. This also cures the problems related to your stomach.

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