You are also a pizza lover, so make quick pizza at home in this way, children will become your fan


Pizza Recipe: Everyone’s mouth gets watery on hearing the name of pizza. Everyone looks for an opportunity to eat pizza when to order pizza. Everyone eats pizza by ordering it from outside. But today we will tell you how to make pizza at home, how you can easily make and eat pizza just like outside. So let’s know how you can make pizza at home…

Make instant pizza like this at home

To prepare pizza at home, first prepare a thick batter of gram flour. After this, put some oil, celery, salt and turmeric in it. Then dissolve soda in 1 teaspoon of water and mix it in the mixture. Now pour 1 spoon of batter on a hot nonstick pan. Now spread cucumber, tomato and capsicum over it. Now put oil on low flame. After this, when the base turns red, turn it carefully after 1 or 2 minutes. Now put grated cheese on top of it, then keep it in the oven till the cheese melts. Your homemade yummy pizza is ready. You can enjoy it while watching TV at home.

Eating too much pizza can also cause harm

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Pizza tastes good. But eating too much of it can also spoil your health. Everyone knows that pizza is made of flour. Eating things made of flour in excess can be harmful for the body. You can eat pizza once a week. The habit of eating pizza daily can also increase your belly fat. Some people do not know the time to eat pizza, so let us tell you that never eat pizza in the morning, the right time to eat it is during the day, because even if you eat something heavy during the day, it will not work well. is digested by That’s why try not to eat pizza late at night or in the morning.

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