You also have the habit of drinking tea after having food, know the disadvantages here


Side Effects of Tea: Whether it is winter or summer, people do not stop drinking tea. Many times we drink tea many times in the office to drive away laziness. But do you know that drinking too much tea can harm your health. Some people drink tea even after eating food to drive away laziness. But drinking tea after eating food can cause disturbances in your stomach. There is no harm in drinking two cups of tea a day, but that time should also be correct. For example, it is good to have tea with breakfast in the morning or tea with snacks in the evening. Apart from this, drinking tea after eating food during the day or after dinner is not good for your health.

The habit of drinking tea after eating can spoil your Health

Drinking tea in excess invites serious diseases. If you are also drinking tea after eating food, then it causes anemia in your body. Drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning also causes gas and stomach problems. It is not right to drink tea before and after eating food. If you do this then you have to face serious consequences. Let us tell you that consuming more tea affects the speed of the intestines and if you are drinking tea 5 to 6 times a day, then the production of enzymes in the intestines stops. Along with this, the problem of constipation also starts increasing.

Excessive consumption of tea increases many health problems

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Some people complain that despite eating right, they have a problem of constipation in the stomach. So let us tell you that drinking too much tea can be a major reason for this. Drinking tea throughout the day increases the level of cortisol or steroid hormone which increases your health problems. What happens many times, we do not get sleep late at night, then the reason for this can be drinking tea every hour. If you also drink tea several times a day, then change this habit today itself. Try to drink more and more water and stay healthy. By drinking water, our stomach also remains clean and no disease gets caught.

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