World Cup winner does not get the real trophy, know the reason behind it


FIFA World Cup 2022 Trophy: Argentina has won the FIFA World Cup 2022 title played in Qatar. Lionel Messi’s team defeated France in the final match. The final match between the two teams was decided by a penalty shootout and Messi’s team won the title match 4-3. However, Messi’s team did not get the original trophy of the World Cup even after winning the Argentina team. In such a situation, today we will tell you the reason behind it.

Argentina did not get the original trophy
After winning the final match, the Argentina team was given the World Cup trophy just to celebrate for a while. Actually, FIFA officials will not be able to take the winner’s trophy after some time of the celebration. Instead, the champion team is given a duplicate trophy which has a layer of gold on it.

The original trophy of the FIFA World Cup mostly remains at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich. In the year 2005, FIFA made a rule that the World Cup winning team would not be able to take the original trophy home with them.

Let us tell you that a total of Rs 347 crore prize money has been given to the Argentina team that won the World Cup. At the same time, the runner-up team France has been given Rs 248 crore. Apart from this, the third-placed Croatia team in the World Cup has been given Rs 223 crore and the fourth-placed Morocco has been given Rs 206 crore.

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Argentina won the penalty shootout

The French team scored the first goal

Argentina also scored the first goal

France missed the goal on the second chance

Argentina scored on the second chance as well

France could not score even on the third occasion

Argentina scored the third goal

France scored the fourth goal

Argentina won the World Cup by scoring the fourth goal in a row.

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