Women are more attracted to men who have short hair.


Benefits of Baldness: Hair plays an important role in adding charm to a person’s look. Hair is that part of the body which attracts the attention of anyone towards you the most. But, many people in the world have problems related to hair. To save and grow hair, people also adopt different types of tips. Problems related to hair are not new, people have been trying different tricks to save their hair since ancient times. You will be surprised to know that even Julius Caesar, the king of Rome, had tried many remedies to get rid of his baldness. It is said that when Julius Caesar met the Egyptian princess Cleopatra, he was completely bald. Then Cleopatra also told him some recipe to remove baldness.

Years have passed, but even today the problem of baldness remains a concern for many people. The only difference is that now people are going beyond home remedies and trying expensive shampoos, creams, tonics, medicines and surgeries. According to an estimate, every year people all over the world spend about three and a half billion dollars on the treatment of baldness. This amount is equal to the annual budget for a country like Macedonia. However, there is good news for those people who have started losing their hair. A research has revealed that bald people are more intelligent, influential and they live longer. Even in research it has been said that bald people have more ability to woo women.

Why does baldness happen?
Everyone’s opinion has been different about why baldness happens. In ancient Rome, heavy metal helmets were considered responsible for most of the soldiers not having hair on their heads. Later, a theory told the reason for baldness due to wrong haircut or dryness. In 1897, a French dermatologist said that the comb should be cleaned by boiling in water before use and that the comb of someone who has baldness should not be used by anyone else.

Women are attracted!
According to psychologist Frank Muscarella of Barry University, Florida, USA, it has been found in many researches that women are also less inclined towards men who do not have hair. Because women consider such men as old. While men who are bald but have a high profile, women are more attracted to them.

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bald people are considered intelligent
In 2004 Muscarella did an experiment. He took a photo of men with low baldness, completely bald and hairy. Then these pictures were shown to 101 boys and 101 girls studying psychology. You will be surprised to know that seeing the photos of bald people, people considered them more intelligent, upper class, helpful, honest and more educated.

Baldness has its advantages too!
If there are some disadvantages of baldness then it can also be beneficial. Bald people get more Vitamin D, because the effect of sunlight is more on bald people. Peter Kabai of István University, Hungary, explains that thousands of years ago Europeans had more baldness, that’s why they got more sunlight.

helpful in cancer prevention
Many research has revealed that baldness can help you in preventing cancer. A research has revealed that baldness reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 29%. Apart from this, it can also help you in reducing the risks of many other cancers.

stress is less
Falling hair and baldness can be a major cause of mental stress for you. But, if you are already bald then you don’t have to worry about it. In this way you can get relief from stress. Those who live the life of baldness are stress free.

Overall, it would not be wrong to say that being bald, men move faster in the path of development. Baldness can be helpful for them in getting good girlfriends. So now you also stop worrying about baldness, because even bald people are smart.

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