With this technology, passengers will get real time help at the airport, security increased and agile


Airport Security Check: Traveling from one country to another is done through the airport. Due to the presence of security at the airport in India, people who commit many types of crimes are caught. And the passengers are helped. With the increasing number of passengers, such a technology is being incorporated, so that you can get a better airport experience. Along with this, the facility of immediate help will also be available for the problems faced by the passengers.

use of new technology
Industrialist Gautam Adani-led Adani Group has tied up with Prisma AI for Visual AI Technology. This new technology will be first installed at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Gujarat. However, it will be deployed at all the 6 airports being controlled by the Adani Group.

Desk of Goodness System
Let us tell you that this technique is known as ‘Desk of Goodness System – Desk of Goodness System’. For the first time in the country, it has been installed in the departure and pre-security area at Terminal-1 of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. He says that the ‘Desk of Goodness’ will help senior citizens, women with young children and people who need wheelchairs or any assistance. Apart from this, it will also notice the suspicious attitude of any passenger. It is known that in the year 2019, the Adani Group had entered the field of airport operations.

Passengers will get benefit
The Adani Group says that people will benefit from this technology at each of their airports. With the help of this technology, a better airport experience will be ensured for them among the increasing number of passengers. The company says that due to this agreement with Prisma AI, the Adani Group has achieved the goal of using Visual AI for humanitarian assistance at the airport.

worker will come immediately
The company says that goodness champions will also be present on this AI desk. They will have smart tablets from which they will get real time information about the happenings at the airport. And they can immediately reach for the help of the passenger when needed.

This is how security services will be available
Prisma AI has strengthened security in several areas with its Visual AI algorithms. Let us tell you that this technology sets new benchmarks for operational intelligence. And also helps in increasing safety and efficiency.

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