Why does the wife get angry more in the winter season?


Husband Wife Relationship: It is common for husband and wife to fight over small things. But has anyone ever noticed that women become more irritable in winters and also get very angry. In fact, this question is one of the most searched questions on Google, asking why housewives get so angry in winters? So let us tell you today why women get more angry during winter and sometimes they also become victims of stress and depression.
Scientific Reasons for Anger in Winter 
It cannot be denied that anger starts coming more during winters. It is also called the Great Winter Depression. In scientific language, it is called Seasonal Effect Disorder, which is a psychological condition. According to a research, 14% people feel stressed in winter in one way or the other and 35% people struggle with anger.
Why do housewives get angry
  •  Sunlight timing decreases in winter and sunshine exposure decreases, due to which the secretion of dopamine in the human body decreases. Dopamine is such a hormone, which works to keep the mood happy, hence it is also called the happy hormone.
  • Hormonal changes in the female body are more than that of gents. Especially during menstrual changes. That’s why women get angry more in winter than men
No mood to work 
Most people are not in the mood to work in winter. But the housewife has to do all the household chores. In such a situation, due to problems in domestic work, their mood is affected and they start getting angry.
Early Fatigue 
Your body asks for more rest during winters. In such a situation, women get tired quickly and then they feel irritable. Also, there can be anxiety. Due to which his nature becomes aggressive. During this, negative emotions also start increasing.
Lack of social contact 
During winters most of the people stay in their homes. In such a situation, they are able to reduce social contacts, due to which they get stressed and they get more angry due to loneliness.
Early end of day 
The days are very short in winter. In such a situation, women are not able to complete their work, due to which they start getting stressed. Also, she is unable to pay attention to herself in winters, so her nature becomes a bit aggressive.


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