When should Chana Dal not be eaten?


Chana Dal: Chana dal is very high in protein, it is beneficial for health, while it also has many disadvantages. Let us tell you for whom it is harmful. People who reduce physical activity or do not exercise at all, find it very difficult to digest the protein of chana dal. Let us know in which situations chana dal can prove to be harmful.

Disadvantages of Chana Dal

Do not eat chana dal at all in case of stomach pain.

If you have stomach ache, do not eat gram dal even by mistake because this dal contains a lot of protein which the stomach cannot digest properly. It is possible that if you eat this in stomach pain then your pain will increase from back. If you have stomach problem then you should eat moong dal because it is very thin.

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Chana dal can increase the problem of gas.

Eating chana dal can increase the problem of gas. Chana dal can cause many types of gas problems in the stomach. Chana dal produces gas, which can also cause stomach pain and heartburn.

Chana dal also slows down the digestive power.

Chana dal slows down the digestion process. Actually, folate is found in large quantity in gram dal due to which it slows down the metabolism of the body. If you eat chana dal in dinner, it does not get digested quickly and you feel thirsty again and again. Your brain works to digest it, due to which you do not even sleep.

Pregnant women should not eat chana dal

Women who are pregnant should not eat chana dal even by mistake. Because a lot of fiber and folate are found in it. Although it should not be eaten in excess, otherwise it has many disadvantages. Along with this, women who feed milk to their children should not eat this dal even by mistake because it will cause gas to the mother and it will also cause gas problems to the child.

Dal is heavy for the elderly and children
Elderly and children should avoid eating it. Because it can also spoil your digestive system. That’s why light pulses should always be eaten so that your stomach does not face any kind of problem.

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