When her husband got paralysis, Poonam became an expert in bike repair, works 12 hours a day


Success Story of Poonam: There was a time when the responsibility of women was confined to the courtyard of the house. Gradually the curtain started to remove from the male-dominated thinking, then women started stepping in with men in every field. Many times, women showed their skills by beating men. Women showed that today’s women are not behind men in any field. Whether it is IAS, PCS exam or handling responsible posts in the army. Today’s woman is also sitting on the highest post of the country. Poonam, 35, who lives in Patel Nagar, Ghaziabad, is also breaking that myth of malevolent thinking.

Paralysis made Poonam’s husband handicapped, but could not shake her spirits. Along with taking care of children, husband, Poonam is also doing all the family work. He says that with taking over the bike mechanic’s shop, the income of two paise in the house has increased. Children’s fees also go out on time and if the husband or someone else is sick, then the cost of his medicines also goes out.

Kovid snatched husband’s job
Poonam lives in Patel Nagar, Ghaziabad. Poonam’s husband Rajesh was a motor mechanic in a private company. Kovid-19 knocked in the country in 2020 and Prime Minister in March 2020 Narendra Modi announced the first lockdown. Rajesh lost his job as soon as the lockdown started. Rajesh’s family started facing financial crisis. Thought of opening a bike mechanic shop after thinking at home. Then Rajesh had a paralysis attack. Poonam went to Prayagraj with her husband Rajesh. There was a lot of treatment. Whatever the savings of the house were, it was spent in the treatment of Rajesh. The family started getting obsessed with every single penny. Both the daughters came to the point of leaving school. But Poonam was coping with all these situations as well.

Poonam became the master of repair of every parts of the bike
A mountain of troubles had broken on Poonam. Rajesh’s right hand stopped working due to paralysis attack. Everything was about to go to waste. To deal with the adverse situations Poonam himself took the lead. Poonam, taking advice from her husband, opened a small bike repair shop in Patel Nagar itself. Skill was in Rajesh’s mind and Poonam became his hand. Poonam slowly started learning the work of a bike mechanic. Where trouble arose, she would ask Rajesh. Rajesh goes to the shop with Poonam. Poonam is handling the work from checking the bike fault to repairing the engine. If the income has increased, then the circumstances of the house have also changed now.

prepare children and send them to school
Poonam told that initially there was a problem in handling the shop and the house. Get up early to get both the kids ready for school, then early to get ready for the shop. But now there is no problem. Now I send both the daughters to school by tying tiffins on time and preparing them. I prepare breakfast, food for Rajesh and myself too. After that both husband and wife leave for the shop. Later both the children also leave school and come to the shop.

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