What’s Happening With China’s Covid Situation? Top 5 Points As World Watches With Concern


New Delhi: China is witnessing a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases since the past few weeks after the Chinese government lifted nearly three years of lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing.

The easing of restrictions coincided with a jump in Covid infections that experts say will likely gather pace through winter, with projections suggesting over a million fatalities in the coming months, reported Reuters.

According to the National Health Commission, China’s total number of fatalities due to coronavirus stands at 5,241.

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Here are the top 5 points on the Covid-19 surge in China:

  • China reported no new Covid related deaths for Tuesday as compared to five deaths reported on Monday, according to the National Health Commission. However, several media reports suggested that the situation was far more serious.
  • The country reported 3,101 new symptomatic Covid-19 infections on Wednesday, compared with 2,722 cases a day earlier, reported Reuters. Currently, mainland China has confirmed a total of 386,276 cases with symptoms.
  • Eric Feigl-Ding, a top scientist, on Monday warned that “over 60 percent of China’s and 10 percent of the Earth’s population will likely be infected over the next 90 days” and that the deaths will “likely (be) in the millions” .
  • Crematoriums across China are straining to deal with an influx of bodies, as the country battles a wave of Covid cases that authorities have admitted is impossible to track, AFP reported.
  • There have also been reports of hospitals being overwhelmed, of shortages of flu medicines, and of schools moving back online in the wake of the Chinese government’s sudden decision last month to lift nearly three years of lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing.

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