Weight is not reducing even after proper diet and workout, could this be the reason?


Weight Loss Advice: Nowadays the problem of being overweight is becoming common. People are sweating for hours and hours in the gym to keep themselves fit. Following proper diet with workout. Despite this, his weight loss is not happening. Actually, your meal timing also has a big role in reducing weight. Even if you are taking a low calorie diet, but if the timing of eating is not correct then you will not get the benefit of it. Five miles daily is necessary for weight loss and healthy life. Let us know how it affects your weight loss goals..
How Meal Timing Affects Weight Loss Goals
Impacts on metabolism
To lose weight, it is necessary that your body’s metabolism should work well. If your metabolism is slow, then whatever food you eat turns into fat instead of energy. Meal timing plays an important role for this. When we eat food at a fixed time every day, then the body digests it easily. You should have your breakfast within 40 minutes of getting up in the morning. Due to which your metabolism will be boosted.
Effect on the biological cycle of the body
We all have a biological cycle in our body and according to time some hormones and enzymes are released in the body. These enzymes only help in digesting food. If you do not eat food at all times, then your food does not get digested properly. Due to which the problem of weight gain increases.
Overeating can be a problem
If you do not eat food at the right time, then you become a victim of overeating. Due to which your weight loss goals are affected. If you do not eat at the right time, then you start feeling very hungry. Because of which you eat more food. In such a situation, the calorie count in your food increases. Due to overeating, your food is not digested properly.


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