Washing clothes will become even easier, when these smart washing machine tips will help


Washing Tips: Nowadays most of the people are working. In this the maximum number of married couples. In such a situation, all the people of the house share each other’s hand to settle the domestic work or use more and more machines, so that the work gets done well and time is also less.

One of the most important tasks in household chores is laundry. However, washing clothes is not such a difficult task as in the past. Washing Machine has made it easy. With the help of which we are able to wash even the dirty and heavy clothes very easily in a few minutes. Even though the washing machine has made it easier to wash clothes, but if we do not know the right way to use it, then our clothes get spoiled. At the same time, the work also increases. In such a situation, know what are the smart tips for washing clothes …

1. Categorize clothing

Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, separate them by category, that is, keep the less soiled clothes separately, keep the more dirty and stubborn stains separately. Apart from this, keep your new clothes separately. This will not spoil the shine and color of your clothes.

2. Do not add washing powder directly

While washing clothes in the washing machine, always keep in mind that never put washing powder directly on the clothes. First put clothes and water in the machine, only then add detergent. Try this method of washing clothes If you wash socks and handkerchiefs in the washing machine, then wash these small clothes first. Otherwise, it is not able to be cleaned properly in the middle of the clothes of the elders. Along with this, wash clothes only by closing the hooks and zips of the clothes.

3. Take special care of the shirt

While washing the shirt in the washing machine, keep in mind that never put the shirt button closed and put it in the machine. This weakens the stitching of the button and the button holes become large. At the same time, there are more chances of breaking the button.

4. Put away the new clothes

If you have to wash your new clothes, many times we do not know whether the color of those clothes comes off or not. In such a situation, first soak them separately in water as well. Also, do not wash them with your old clothes and put them in the machine separately.

5. Do not use the dryer

Washing clothes in washing machines, but people also want to avoid the hard work of drying clothes in the sun. Never make this mistake, let the clothes air dry as much as possible. Drying clothes in the dryer reduces the shine of clothes and wrinkles also start falling on them.

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