Want to know why your hair gets split ends? The reason for number three will surprise you


Split ends hair care tips: Among the many problems related to hair, a big problem is their split ends. Once the hair becomes split, the only option left is to cut it short. If women have to get haircut without their wish, then it is no less than a punishment for them. That’s why women understand the pain of split ends very well.

It is not that the problem of split ends is only for women, men who take hair cuts in several months or prefer to keep their hair longer than usual, they also have to face the problem of split ends. Hair doesn’t split just like that. Rather, there are many internal and external reasons behind them (Cause of Split Ends). Some reasons are such that it is surprising to know about them. Knowing the third reason, you will also feel surprised.

1. Hair gets damaged due to styling

  • People who like to experiment a lot with their hair, styling tools and styling products have a bad effect on their hair, causing hair damage and split ends.
  • Excessive use of blow dryer in the winter season promotes split ends. Using excessive heat on the hair like using a hair iron or sitting in the hot sun for a long time also makes the hair split.

2. Chemical Treatments

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  • Hair coloring can also cause split ends. If you often take some or the other hair styling treatment and keep changing hair color too, then both these reasons can make your hair split ends.

3. Hair gets damaged due to swimming

  • People who do a lot of swimming or swimming is a part of their daily routine, their hair often becomes damaged and split ends. This does not happen just because of being in water for a long time. Rather, it is also due to the chlorine present in the water.
  • Swimming mainly affects your hair in two ways, the first is that due to staying in water for a long time, the natural moisture of the hair gets removed and the hair becomes dry, due to which it starts to look thin and lifeless.
  • The second reason is chlorine, chlorine is used a lot for cleaning swimming pools and keeping the water clean. This chlorine keeps the water clean but damages your hair, due to which the hair becomes split.
  • Private and stadium pools also have the facility of swimming in warm water. In such a situation, staying in contact with hot water for a long time also makes your hair dry, thin, lifeless and split ends. Due to hot water and chlorine, the layer of sebum and fatty acids present in the hair gets washed away, due to which the hair becomes split.

pollution is also a big reason

  • Due to sweat and dust in summer, due to cold air and heavy pollution in winter, hair gets damaged a lot. That’s why it is necessary to shampoo every other day in summer and keeping hair covered in winter is beneficial.

Such people’s hair gets damaged quickly.

  • People whose diet lacks anti-oxidants, their hair gets damaged quickly and becomes split. Therefore, if you want healthy hair, do not be careless about your diet. For adequate amount of anti-oxidants, definitely include green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruits, buttermilk, jaggery, honey, amla and onion in your diet.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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