Vegan-Vegetarian: Understand the difference between vegan diet and vegetarian diet, don’t forget to consider one


Vegan vs. Vegetarian: Many people make the mistake of considering Vegan and Vegetarian Diet as the same. Let me tell you that there is a big difference between the two. It is quite easy to understand this difference. By the way, only vegetarian food is given preference in both the diets, due to which many people do not understand the difference between these two. Today we will tell you some such points of both the diets, due to which you will start to understand about the difference between vegan and vegetarian diet. Let’s know what is the delay then, how does Vegan and Vegetarian diet differentiate each other.

Nowadays the trend of Vegan and Vegetarian diet has gone. People are now competing to keep themselves fit and healthy by turning towards eating more and more vegetarian food.
Let us first know what is a vegetarian diet!

In the vegetarian diet, meat from non-veg food items is not consumed in any way.

In vegetarian food, fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds are consumed.

Dairy products and eggs can be consumed in vegetarian diet.

There are three varieties of vegetarian diet
In lacto.ovo vegetarians do not eat animal meat. Consume eggs and dairy products.

Ovo vegetarians avoid all animal products except eggs.

In the lacto vegetarian diet, we avoid eating animal meat and eggs, but consume dairy products.

what is vegan diet
If we call vegan diet a kind of strict diet, then no one will be wrong. Yes, in the vegan diet, distance is made from any type of non-veg food to the food item produced by them. For example, apart from animal meat, animal milk, curd or any kind of dairy product, apart from honey, distance is also maintained. Not only this, apart from food and drink, distance is also maintained from clothes or any items made from animals.

take doctor’s advice
If you follow any diet, but before that, definitely consult a doctor or a health expert.

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