US President Biden Urges Republican-Led House To Pass Ukraine Aid Bill To Fight ‘Against Tyrants’

 New Delhi: US President Joe Biden issued an appeal for the House of Representatives to promptly approve much-needed funding for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression. This call to action comes on the heels of the Senate’s successful passage of critical foreign aid legislation, underscoring the urgency of providing essential support to a key ally in Eastern Europe.

Biden said in a statement, “I urge the House to move on this with urgency”, despite expectations that the Republican-led chamber will reject the bill, reported news agency AFP. He further added, “If we do not stand against tyrants who seek to conquer or carve up their neighbors’ territory, the consequences for America’s national security will be significant”.

Earlier, the Democratic-led US Senate on Tuesday passed a $95.34 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, although it faced an uncertain path ahead in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, reported news agency Reuters. The lawmakers approved the measure in a 70-29 vote that comfortably exceeded the chamber’s 60-vote threshold for passage and sent the legislation on to the House. Twenty-two Republicans joined most Democrats to support the bill.

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According to Reuters, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday he was confident the bill would pass the House with support from both parties if Republican Speaker Mike Johnson would allow a vote.

US: Tension Looms Over Ukraine Bill 

As per Reuters, as Ukraine continues to confront Russian aggression and grapple with the challenges of sustaining its economy amid the prolonged conflict, the recently approved aid package assumes paramount importance for its leadership. With the war nearing its third year. US President Joe Biden has been pushing US Congress to pass more aid for Ukraine for months but has faced opposition from Republican hardliners, particularly in the House.

The House has not passed major assistance for Ukraine since Republicans took control of the chamber in January 2023.

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