Understand the difference between electric and gas geyser in easy language, then decide which one to take


Types of Water Heaters: Winter season is going on. In such a situation, it is very difficult to do any work like bathing and washing clothes with cold water. For which now geyser is a better option. But many people get confused about gas geyser and electric geyser. That’s why we tell you the difference between the two in easy language. They are going to tell.

electric geyser

As you can understand from its name. It works on electricity. In winter it is used to heat water. A copper coil is used in this, which converts electricity into heat energy and works to heat the water. Electric geyser is most commonly used as a geyser. Especially in such a place where there is no problem of light or it is very less. It is much better in terms of maintenance. There are two types of electric geysers. Electric Storage Geyser and Electric Instant Geyser. It can be bought as per your need.

gas geyser

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Domestic gas ie LPG is used to heat water with gas geyser. You can start taking hot water immediately with the gas geyser. These geysers prove to be very good especially for such a family. Where the number of family members is very high. But to install gas geyser, it is necessary to have a bathroom with better ventilation. Due to the use of gas in it, there is a possibility of incident like fire. Gas geysers are also of two types, instant gas geysers (does not have storage facility) and storage gas geysers.

For those who do not need hot water storage, the option of instant geyser is better. Storage geyser is required mostly in large families. Where the number of family members is more. Although the demand for storage geysers is very high.

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