This virus can damage the liver, it is not hepatitis… it is more dangerous


Liver Failure: Liver is an important organ for digesting food. If the liver gets disturbed, then the whole digestive system gets disturbed. Liver damage starts due to drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated food, virus or bacterial attack. Hepatitis disease is also considered a major reason behind liver damage. If there is only hepatitis, then it is considered as normal jaundice. Apart from this, hepatitis B and C are considered extremely fatal for the liver. Another virus threat to the liver has come to the fore.

Corona virus damaging the liver
According to media reports, a report of the meeting of the Radiology Society of North America was published. It was revealed in the report that people who have got Kovid, there is a possibility of liver damage after infection. On the other hand, the research done by the researchers of Massachusetts General Hospital in America. It was revealed that the problem of liver infection was seen more in Kovid patients as compared to other people.

Study done by making two groups
Researchers studied by forming two groups. In this research was done by forming two groups. The first group included those people who had never had Covid. In the second group, two groups were formed. Those who got Kovid 12 weeks ago were kept in the first. The members of the second group of this were examined with the machine related to elastography.

liver hardened due to covid
Surprising facts came to the fore in the investigation of the scientist. When the liver of a Kovid positive patient was examined, it was found to be more rigid, while those who never had Kovid. Hardness was less seen in them. Scientist did not understand how Kovid affected the liver. But finally the covid virus was considered responsible for the hardness of the liver.

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follow covid protocol
Doctors say that it is necessary to follow the Kovid protocol to prevent corona. Corona can be avoided by wearing a mask, keeping a distance of two yards and using a sanitizer. Doctors told that the way the virus is mutating and trying to become fatal. Avoiding it is very important.

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