These things do not spoil even after the expiry date, know the list


Food After Expiry: Nowadays people use packed things which have expiry date written on them. Using things after the expiry date can have a bad effect on health. Therefore such things should not be used. People throw things after seeing the expiry date, but do you know that even after the expiry date of some things, things do not go bad. There are many such things in your kitchen. Which you can use even after the expiry date. If you store these things properly then they can be used for years.

Honey- If you keep honey in an airtight container, then it does not spoil for years. Honey has a low acidic pH so that bacteria do not grow. Sometimes honey freezes when it gets old, but you can use it.

vinegar- Vinegar is used in food. Vinegar is also used to keep pickles from spoiling for a long time. You can eat onion with vinegar in summer. You can store it for a long time.

salt- Even though the expiry date is written on the packet of salt, the salt does not spoil. Whether it is white salt, black salt or rock salt. You can store salt for a long time.

Sugar- You can also use sugar for a long time. By the way, sometimes the expiry date of up to 2 years is written on the sugar packets. If sugar is stored properly then it does not spoil for years. Always keep it in a dry and clean jar.

Pasta- If kept away from moisture, the pasta also does not spoil for a long time. It does not spoil even after keeping pasta in an air tight container for years. Yes, you have to protect the pasta from getting worms.

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