There was a huge drop in the price of gold and silver this week! Know the condition of bullion market


Gold-Silver Price Weekly: This week a huge fall in the price of gold and silver has been recorded. In this entire week, a decrease of Rs 1522 has been seen in the price of gold (Gold Price Weekly). If we talk about silver, then its price has also seen a decrease of Rs 793 (Silver Price Weekly).

The biggest reason for the fall in the price of gold is that there is pressure on the prices of gold from India to the foreign market. In such a situation, its direct effect is visible on the gold rate. This week the price of 24 carat gold came down to Rs 49,341 per 10 grams. At the beginning of the week, the price of gold was 50,863 per 10 grams. If we talk about the rate of silver in this entire business week, then it has come down from 55,937 per kg to 55,144 per kg (Silver Price).

From September 12-16, there was such a change in the rate of gold- (per 10 grams)

  • September 12 – Rs 50,863
  • September 13 – Rs 50,676
  • September 14 – Rs 50,300
  • September 15 – Rs 49,926
  • September 16 – Rs 49,341

From September 12-16, there was such a change in the rate of silver- (per kg)

  • September 12 – Rs 55,937
  • September 13 – Rs 57,270
  • September 14 – Rs 56,350
  • September 15- Rs 56,330
  • September 16 – Rs 55,144

Check gold rates every day like this
IBJA releases the gold rate on every business day. The price of gold issued by IBJA is valid in all the states of the country, but does not include GST and other charges. In such a situation, the gold rate of every state is different. If you are planning to buy gold and silver during the weekend, then you should give a missed call on 8955664433. After this, you will get to know the rate of 24 carat, 22 carat and 18 carat gold through SMS.

Check the purity of gold like this-
Before buying gold, make sure to check its purity. Nowadays, fake gold is also being found in the market. For this you can use BIS Care App. By entering the HUID number of gold on the app, you can check its purity. If there is any kind of adulteration or deficiency in gold, then you can also file a complaint for this by going to Complaints.

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