The men who make these mistakes, their partners go away from them.


Don’ts For Men In Relationship: Sometimes in negligence and now unknowingly, many men spoil their relationship with their female partner. Many times boys do not understand why their girlfriend or partner has gone away from them. Then they try to find some reason or the other so that they can explain to themselves why this relationship did not work. Like, he is very ambitious or our tuning could not be done etc. However, apart from these, you need to know and understand something else. So that your relationship never gets sour and your partner never goes away from you. It has been told about this here…

make all decisions yourself

  • Men who are clear about their vision attract women. But when you make all the decisions related to life yourself and do not involve your partner in it, then women do not like it. Because one of the meanings of your doing this also comes out that you do not consider your partner worthy of this.

your flirt and laugh

  • Some men have a habit of flirting and some laugh and joke too much. There is no harm in both, as long as you maintain a respectful line. But most women do not like that their partner flirts with someone else in front of them or indulges in excessive banter with other women. She will definitely rebuke you for doing this and you should take her words seriously. If you don’t do this, you can lose it.

Not understanding the value of ‘his’ circle

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  • After getting into a relationship or after marriage, many men try to control their partner’s circle. Like, don’t talk to the boys in her circle, don’t go out much with friends, go with me wherever you go, etc. By doing this, your partner feels that you do not trust him or are controlling his life. Especially in the relationship of love, trust is a big thing and in today’s time, no girl wants to give the control of her life to someone else. Don’t make the mistake of doing this at all.

being naughty in the bedroom

  • Men who ignore their partner’s comfort and emotions in bedroom life, their partners keep distance from them. Because women want everything in life with love and mutual understanding. No woman likes to be ignored by her partner for her own pain and comfort.

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