Talking for 30 minutes had to be charged for 10 hours, something like this was the world’s first mobile phone


First Mobile in World: Mobile phone has become an important part of our life. Life seems incomplete without it. What to say about mobile phone, now it has become a smartphone. A device that makes many things easier, but have you ever wondered which was the world’s first mobile phone, when and which engineer made it, which company launched it, what was its cost or how much battery backup Was. In today’s article, we are going to answer these questions.

world’s first mobile phone

Manufacturing Engineer: Martin Cooper
date : 3 April 1973
company: motorola

3 April 1973 is called the birthday of the mobile phone. The mobile phone was used for the first time on this date. This mobile phone was made by American engineer Martin Cooper. If it is said in our today’s language, then on 3 April 1973 the world’s first mobile was launched. If we talk about the company, then the name of the first mobile maker is Motorola. Let us tell you that Martin Cooper, the engineer who made the world’s first mobile, joined the Motorola company in 1970. In just 3 years of this, he did what was commendable. Let us now know about the weight, battery backup and price of the world’s first mobile phone.

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The mobile made by American engineer Martin Cooper weighed about 2 kg. For its use, a big battery had to be carried on the shoulder. In addition, once charged, the world’s first mobile could only talk for 30 minutes, and it took 10 hours to charge again. Now if we talk about the price of the mobile made in 1973, then its price was about 2700 US dollars (2 lakh rupees).

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