Russia-Ukraine War: 1 Dead In Belgorod Shelling, Heat Restored in Kyiv. Top Points


Russia’s massive troop development became a reason for the months-long war between Russia and Ukraine. As the recent development in the Russia-Ukraine war, one was killed and several got injured in the Russia border city Belgorod explosion, just after two days of masscow’s massive attack on Kyiv’s power and water supply. Read further to know the recent developments between both the countries.

Here are the top five points

  • The Russian city of Belgorod was allegedly shelled by Ukraine on December 18 morning. Plumes of smoke could be seen above houses across the city. News agency AFP reported that one person was killed and five were injured in the strike. City Governor Gladkov was quoted as saying that more than a dozen residential buildings and several cars were damaged in Belgorod.
  • On Sunday, Reuters, quoting Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, reported that the heating infrastructure had been fully restored in Ukraine’s capital. The heating in Kyiv was disrupted by Russian bombardment that targeted water and power infrastructure, leading to a crisis in the harsh winter in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials said Russia fired more than 70 missiles on Friday in one of its heaviest barrages since the Kremlin’s February 24 invasion, forcing emergency blackouts nationwide and cutting access to heat and water.
  • News agency Reuters reported that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday proposed holding a global peace summit this winter. “We offered Peace Formula to the world. Absolutely fair. We offered it because there are no champions in war, there can be no draw,” Zelenskiy was quoted as saying.

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  • In capital Kyiv, the metro had also stopped running to provide people shelter at underground metro stations. However, Reuters reported that the metro service has been resumed in the cities.
  • There have been reports that Russia stopped using Iranian drones due to their scarcity and freezing temperatures, and no such drone was spotted for the last two to three weeks. However, before Russia stopped deploying the suicide drones, more than 300 of them were shot down by Ukraine. According to news agencies, Ukraine has a -6 degrees temperature at present, which is making the war conditions worse for both sides’ forces.
  • Two days before the Belgorod strikes, Russia reportedly destroyed Ukraine’s energy grid. Regional governor Yaroslav Yanushevych said on Sunday that Russia had carried out 54 attacks with rocket, mortar, and tank fire over the previous day, killing three people and wounding six.

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