Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’ Museum In Atlantic City To Shut Down After 26 Years: Report


An iconic part of the Atlantic City Broadwalk, Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’ museum will close after more than 26 years on December 31, AP reported. The place has tempted Broadwalk strollers for more than 26 years with oddities, including shrunken heads, mutant animals and models of unbelievably tall or tiny humans.

A recognizable feature of the Boardwalk is the building that houses the museum. It is made to look like a huge globe that looks as if it has crashed into the front of the building and wedged part of the way inside it, shattering the foundation from top to bottom.

The museum’s manager Chris Connelly thanked everyone who had visited the museum and had contributed to its success for over 26 years. He said in a statement to AP, “We’re grateful for the support of our fans and guests, whose curiosity, open-mindedness, and enthusiasm have contributed to our success for over 26 years.”

“We’re thankful to have offered a unique form of entertainment and education at the Jersey Shore, and we hope we’ve helped create wonderful memories for those who have come to visit,” he further said.

Connelly said the museum is closing because its local franchisee is reaching the end of its agreement with Ripley’s. “They’re going to reimagine the space and come up with something new and fresh for the future,” he said.

About Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’

Robert Ripley founded the American chain Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, which specializes in bizarre occurrences and objects that are so strange and outlandish that readers could doubt the claims. The Believe It or Not feature, which began as a newspaper strip, quickly gained popularity and was adapted into a wide range of media, including radio, television, comic books, a network of museums, and a book series.

There are 28 Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ Odditoriums in operation worldwide as of September 2022. In the spirit of Believe It or Not!, oddatoriums frequently go beyond being mere museums overflowing with oddities. Some of them have theaters and arcades, such as those in Wisconsin Dells and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, while others have strange architectural designs, such as the Orlando, Florida Odditorium, which is built off-level to appear to be sinking.

The Museum At Atlanta City

The museum at Broadwalk, Atlanta was opened in late June 22, 1996, and became well-liked by interested onlookers, gamblers taking a break from the excitement, and families searching for non-gambling amusement.

It has 14 themed galleries and over 400 exhibits. They include a spider made out of scissors and knives, a roulette table made of 14,000 jelly beans, and what it describes as the world’s smallest production car.

Additionally, Ripley’s disproved a number of carnival-show anomalies, such as what appeared to be a mermaid skeleton but was actually a monkey skull attached to a fish tail.


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