Right-Wing Outsider Javier Milei Elected Argentina’s New President


Far-right libertarian outsider Javier Milei registered a win in Argentina’s presidential run-off poll, according to provisional results, as reported by the BBC. He defeated the candidate of the governing Peronists, provisionally, by more than 10 points. As per the provisional results, out of almost 90% of the votes counted, Milei had around 56% of the vote, compared with 44% for Massa. The election came when Argentina was witnessing rising inflation and an economy in crisis, as per the BBC.

Milei’s rival, Argentina’s economy minister Sergio Massa, congratulated him on his victory. “Obviously, the results are not what we expected. I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him,” Massa said, as quoted by the BBC. “From tomorrow, the responsibility of providing certainty belongs to Milei.”

Former US President Donald Trump also extended his wishes and congratulated Milei on his victory, saying he would “Make Argentina Great Again!”.

According to the BBC, Milei’s proposals, which included detonating the central bank, won the support of voters desperate for change. His talk of introducing the US dollar as the country’s official currency was met with applause by his supporters. Many economists talk of financial disaster.



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