Pitru Paksha 2022: What is Panchagras? It has to be removed while performing Shradh, it is very important.


Pitru Paksha 2022 Panchgras Bhog: In the Garuda Purana, the law of removing Pancha Gras has been described in detail while performing Shradh during Pitru Paksha. On Pitru Paksha, the family performs Tarpan, Pind Daan and Shradh in the name of their ancestors. It is believed that this makes the ancestors very happy and blesses the family members. Panchagras is extracted under this Shradh karma of ancestors, which is very important.

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When family members perform Shradh on the date of death of ancestors in Pitru Paksha, Panchagraas food is taken out before feeding Brahmins. Under Panchagraas, the food prepared on the day of Shradh is taken out on five leaves and keeps it at five places. This Panchagraas food is fed to cow, ant, crow, deity and dog.

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Special importance of Panchagras has been told in Shradh Paksha. The souls of the ancestors are satisfied by taking out Panchagraas food and they are happy and bless their families. For the peace of the souls of the ancestors, daily Panchagras food should be taken out during the Pitru Paksha. If you cannot take out daily, then you must take out Panchagraas food especially on the day on which Brahmins are being fed in the name of ancestors. On this day, take out the food on 5 leaves and say the resolution with mantras. According to the scriptures, the right time for Shradh is after 12 noon. Only then Brahmins should do food and tarpan.

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The rules for extracting Panchagras have been told in the scriptures. According to this, the first grass is taken out for the cow. It is also called cow sacrifice. The second grass is taken out for the dogs. Which is called dog sacrifice. The third grass is taken out for the crow, which is called Kak Bali.

The fourth grass is taken out for the gods, which is called Dev Bali. It should be thrown into the water in the name of the deities. The fifth and final Grass is for the ants, which is called Pipilikadi Bali. While giving Panchagras, the rule of chanting different mantras has been told.

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