People earned 10 thousand crores by putting videos on YouTube, when will you start your own employment?


Earn From Youtube: Nowadays most people are earning well by putting videos on YouTube. Its craze is very high among the youth. Vloggers are earning lakhs of rupees per month by putting videos on YouTube. According to a recent report, YouTube has contributed more than 10 thousand crores to India’s GDP. According to the report, content creators have made so much money that it is equal to 7.5 lakh jobs. Like other people, you can also earn by putting videos on YouTube.

YouTube has told in its report that in the year 2021, the content creators of India have made a lot of money. The company has also said that it will make a new type of facility available for content creators in the coming year. YouTube’s South East Asia director Ajay Vidyasagar has said that we are very happy that YouTube’s creative system is helping to strengthen India’s economy continuously. According to a study done by YouTube, with the help of YouTube today people from all over the world watch videos of content creators from India. YouTube has given great opportunities to content creators in India to earn money. Because of which many people are turning their passion into a career.

Medical conditions will be covered in multiple languages
Ishan John Chatterjee, India director at YouTube, has said that we are investing in ways to teach skills and access information to our viewers. So that he will be able to develop his abilities and give wings to his dreams. Apart from this, YouTube has announced that it will cover different medical conditions with the help of health institutions in Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Bengali languages.

you can also earn
If you also have a special interest in any field, then you can earn like other YouTube creators. For which you will not even need to spend a lot of money. However, in this work also you have to work hard like other works.

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