Ovary Cyst: What is ovarian cyst, due to which pop singer Justin Bieber’s wife is struggling


Ovary Cyst Symptoms: It is not known when the disease will surround which person. In the last two years, many Bollywood stars have died of heart attack. Many stars have also come under the grip of serious diseases like cancer. Now famous pop star Justin Bieber’s wife and supermodel Haley Bieber has also come under the grip of a disease.

Cyst as big as an apple in the ovary
According to media reports, Haley Bieber told on social media that she has an apple-sized cyst in her ovaries. This is the situation and the fans can understand the pain she is going through. She does not have endometriosis or PCOS, but these are common cysts. This cyst has caused nausea, flatulence, irritability and emotional changes.

what happens ovarian cyst
According to doctors, actually, cyst is a kind of lump. Usually these are non-cancerous. But if after surgery it is pierced again and again, then the lump Cancer can also happen. Ovarian cysts are formed in the ovaries. If it is not treated from a small size, gradually it starts becoming very big. Doctors told that usually these cysts do not cause any harm. They don’t show any symptoms. However, sometimes it gets cured without treatment or with normal treatment. Many times they are taken out by operation. The cyst is in the shape of a small sac. It can be filled with water or semi-solid meat. Sometimes it happens in both the ovaries. Sometimes it becomes fatal if not treated.

What are the symptoms?
Talking about the symptoms of ovarian cyst, frequent urination, pelvic in the area These include light pain, difficulty in defecation, flatulence, loss of appetite, dizziness and vomiting, swelling around the abdomen, difficulty in becoming pregnant and difficulty in delivery, pain in the breast. Doctors say that there is no danger of having a cyst in general. But it is not that the cyst is not dangerous. If left untreated for a long time, sometimes it becomes fatal. That’s why if you see any symptoms, get treated immediately.

Know Ovary too
Ovary or ovary is a part of pregnancy part of women. They are located in the lower abdomen on both sides of the uterus. two in women There are ovaries. The main function of ovary is to produce eggs and estrogen and progesterone hormones. Lumps filled with flesh and fluid are formed in this ovary, which are called cysts.

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