Now the risk of adenovirus is increasing… damages these parts of the body along with the lungs


The virus outbreak of Adenovirus is increasing day by day. In the coming days, speed is being recorded in its case. After West Bengal, a news is coming from Bangalore that a two-year-old girl has got liver-kidney damage due to adenovirus. At the same time, children suffering from breathing problems are being admitted to the children’s ward in government and private hospitals of the state. According to a Times of India report, one thing that is very common in children suffering from adenovirus is shortness of breath. This virus mostly makes children from 6 months to 2 years its victims. Adenovirus is becoming so dangerous. Now this virus is causing liver-kidney damage to the children.

What is adenovirus?

According to a report from the Cleveland Clinic, adenovirus is a type of virus that gradually makes your body sick and later this infection takes its dangerous form. Children suffering from adenovirus have more difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of Adenovirus

Symptoms of Adenovirus are very common. Which are milder than other viral infections. Only after testing the people whom adenovirus infects, you can find out that they have adenovirus. It usually starts in the beginning of winter. And during spring it is at its peak but this year even in summer its outbreak is not taking its name.

Who can get infected with adenovirus?

Adenovirus can happen to children or any person of any age. But.It is very common in children below 5 years of age. Adenovirus can also often spread to newborns and young children. This virus also spreads from one child to other children. According to the report of the Cleveland Clinic, this virus is also spread by children putting things in their mouth.

ECMO machines installed to fight adenovirus

A doctor who treated an adenovirus patient said that the ECMO machines that were used in the treatment of Kovid-19. Others were helpful in treating patients with acute respiratory illnesses. Dipanjan Chatterjee, an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) doctor at Medica Superspeciality Hospital, said the machine proved to be a lifesaver for several patients who were infected with adenovirus earlier this year and were undergoing treatment at the hospital.

A five-year-old boy spent 18 days on ECMO, a 15-year-old girl spent 47 days on ECMO, and a four-year-old boy spent eight days on the machine. All of them had tested positive for adenovirus and had been hospitalized between January and April. The condition of all three was very critical, but after a long treatment, she got cured. Sukanta Bose, father of 15-year-old Sudeshna, said the patients were put on ECMO support. When nothing was going well even after keeping him on ventilation.

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