Now OYO and ShareChat announce retrenchment of their employees, know the reason


Oyo Tech Team: All the big tech companies like Twitter Facebook and Microsoft are already engaged in retrenchment of their employees. Now hotel industry giant OYO and ShareChat have also announced retrenchment of their technical department employees.

Layoffs from OYO

According to the information given by the company, the hotel service provider company OYO has just announced to reduce the number of its employees. According to Oyo, it will reduce its employees by up to 10%. Right now the number of employees in Oyo is around 3,700. Out of which the company is going to take away the jobs of 250 people. Apart from Oyo’s tech team, these employees will also be from the product, management and business team. Also the product and engineering teams will work together for better company management.

5% employees leave

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