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Neem Health Benefits: Neem tree is one of those trees whose leaf, seed and stem all work like medicine for the body. Neem twigs are good for oral health, leaves benefit the whole body, and many things are made from the seeds which keep our health good. Even though neem leaves are bitter to chew, they provide many benefits to our body.

Not one but many medicinal properties are found in neem leaves. The use of neem leaves has been going on from generation to generation since many years ago. It has anti bacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antiviral properties which help in protecting the body and keeping it healthy. Neem has been described as beneficial for health in both Ayurveda and science. If there is a neem tree around you, then you can avoid the risk of serious diseases by eating a few of its leaves every day. Today, through this article, know what are the benefits of eating neem leaves.

how many leaves can i eat per day

Neem leaves have many health benefits. But, this does not mean at all that you should consume it in excess. According to health experts, a person should consume 6 to 8 neem leaves every day. Eating in excess can cause damage to the body.

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Not one but many advantages

antibacterial properties

The antibacterial properties present in neem leaves protect the body from external bacteria. In a research, it was revealed that neem acts as an effective antibacterial agent for the treatment of infections caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Maintains blood pressure

Consumption of neem removes the problem of blood pressure and maintains blood flow in the body.

Get rid of respiratory problems

Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties. All these properties are helpful in fighting against pulmonary inflammation. Pulmonary inflammation is a group of diseases that affect the lungs.

Neem bark extract is effective in relieving gastric, hyperacidity and ulcer problems. Neem leaves have antiulcer properties which prevent ulcers.

The bitterness of neem relieves the problem of diabetes.

Consumption of neem is also beneficial for oral health. There are many such mouth cleaner products in the market in which neem is used.

Neem leaves are also beneficial for the health of the stomach. The problem of constipation, indigestion etc. goes away by its use.

Neem also takes care of the liver and protects it from cancer. Azadirachtin-A compound present in neem reduces the risk of cancer.

Extracts of neem seeds, leaves, flowers and fruits are effective in fighting against various types of cancer.
– Consumption of neem is also helpful in reducing cholesterol level.
Neem is also used as a contraceptive. It was revealed in a study that it can reduce the proliferation of sperm by 0.05 to 1%. The immuno modulators present in it revive the cells and macrophages that can terminate the pregnancy.
– If a person gets a slight injury or cut in the house, then neem leaves are effective in this too. Wound heals quickly by applying paste of neem leaves.
Neem oil is also effective in eliminating lice and lice.

nutrients present in neem

Neem leaves contain nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrate, fat, amino acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, tannic acid.

how to use

You can consume the juice of neem leaves by chewing them raw or boiling them in water. If you feel bitter in chewing neem, then you can also make chutney of its leaves.

Make chutney like this


20 neem leaves
4 tsp jaggery
Kokum – 6 to 7
1 tbsp cumin
salt to taste

To make chutney, wash neem leaves thoroughly. Then mix all the things and grind them. Eat half a teaspoon on an empty stomach daily and then drink water.

Note: This article provides general information only. Before implementing any thing, do contact your doctor once.

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