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Harms of Nail Biting: Often people make their nails their food and spend most of their time in chewing nails throughout the day. But do you know that chewing nails not only spoils your beauty, but it also causes many diseases in your body. Yes, many types of germs are found in the nails, which make your body hollow from inside by going into your mouth. Many people want to get rid of this habit but are unable to get rid of it. Many types of serious diseases develop in your body by eating nails. Whose guess you get late but you get to know.

serious diseases spread by biting nails

Let us tell you that nails contain deadly disease-causing bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli and when you bite nails with your teeth, they easily go inside your mouth. You are sure to get sick if bacteria go inside your mouth. That is why chewing nails can prove to be very harmful for our health. Keep in mind that stop this habit as soon as possible because you may have many serious diseases related to it. In this article, we will tell you what diseases you are causing due to the habit of biting your nails.

can be very harmful for health

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bad effect on teeth Biting your nails has a bad effect on your teeth. Keep in mind that all the dirt of the day accumulates in your nails and then the same gets on your teeth and goes inside the mouth. This dirt starts making your teeth weak. In many researches, it has also come to the fore that teeth become weak by chewing nails. That’s why don’t harm your teeth and stop this bad habit today itself.

This habit can cause serious illness

Intestinal cancer caused by nail biting Yes, the bacteria present in your nails can reach your intestines and give rise to serious diseases like cancer. The habit of always biting nails can cause colon cancer. It is always good for your body to keep the nails short. Keeping long and dirty nails causes many diseases in your body.

bad effect on your nerves

Victim of dermatophagia disease- You must be thinking that what is this disease, then let us tell you that people who chew their nails continuously become victims of the disease called dermatophagia. This is such a disease that wounds start forming on your skin. Along with this, its infection also has a bad effect on your nerves.

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