Metal turtle brings happiness and prosperity in the house, know the right rule to keep it


Tortoise Vastu Tips: Many such things have been told in Vastu Shastra which bring happiness and prosperity in the house. A small metal turtle has been considered of special importance in Vastu. This tortoise is made of metals like crystal, copper or silver. It is believed that in the house where this turtle is there, there is never any shortage of money. By keeping it in the office or shop, there is a lot of progress and there is less chance of loss in business. According to the scriptures, keeping a tortoise in the house increases positive energy and all the problems going on in life end. Let us know what are the correct rules for keeping a tortoise in the house.

Benefits of keeping a tortoise at home

Keeping a tortoise is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that keeping it close will bring success in job and examination. The house where there is a tortoise is not visible to anyone. By keeping this, happiness and peace remain among the family members. While starting a new business, keeping a silver tortoise in the shop or office brings success. Keeping it in the house maintains stability in life.

turtle keeping rules

There are some rules for keeping a metal turtle in the house, if you do not follow it, you may have to face trouble. For career advancement, bring a black turtle and keep it in the north direction. It is auspicious to bring a tortoise in the house on the full moon date. By keeping a turtle in the back of the house, the members of the house remain energetic and they get success in every task. Keeping a tortoise at the main entrance of the house on the west side keeps the house safe. A turtle made of crystal should be placed in the south-west or north-west direction. Keeping a tortoise in the living room increases the rapport between the family members.

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