Make lips fluffy without surgery, follow this natural method


Fluffy Lips: In modern times, the trend of big and thick lips is increasing very much. That’s why women wish to have thick lips. For this many women resort to plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery can also have many disadvantages. Therefore, not resorting to surgery is the best option for you. If you want to thicken your lips, then take the help of some home remedies for this. Yes, with the help of home remedies, lips can be made thick and beautiful. Let’s know how?

How to make lips thick?

You can resort to the following measures to thicken the lips without surgery. However, keep in mind that you will see its effect gradually. Let us know about these measures-

peppermint oil

To make the lips look plump and nice, you apply peppermint oil. The use of peppermint oil increases the micro-circulation in the lips, due to which you feel like numb lips. Due to this, your lips gradually start looking fluffy. Actually, lips can appear fluffy due to increased blood circulation in the lips.

use of cinnamon oil

Use cinnamon oil to make the lips look plump. This can prove to be very beneficial for you. To use it, mix a little lip balm in cinnamon oil. After that apply this mixture on your lips. This can make your lips look fluffy.

drink more water

Drink plenty of water to make the lips naturally fluffy. This will make your lips look fluffy. Actually, drinking water keeps your body hydrated, due to which the lips do not look dry and lifeless. In this case the lips can look fluffy.

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