Know what is the zombie virus that came out of the snow, which is indicating a more dangerous epidemic than Corona


Zombie Virus: Climate change has long become a threat to every aspect of human life. This is such a challenge that if it is not taken care of, then there can be a crisis on human life, and now the alarm bell has rung. Melting snow in Siberia has created a big danger. This has been claimed by French researchers. In fact, French scientists have claimed to have revived the 48,500-year-old zombie virus buried under a frozen lake in Russia, and have now expressed the possibility of an epidemic. Since this research, scientists have had sleepless nights.

13 new dangerous microbes found buried in snow

According to the information received so far, examining the samples collected from under the permafrost in the regions of Siberia, they have found 13 new microbes from it. Scientists have named it zombie virus. He told that despite living in the icy ground for several thousand years, they are becoming infectious. Due to the survival of this ancient unknown virus, the situation can be very bad in the case of plants, animals and humans. There is danger from 13 viruses revealed in the study. All these viruses have their own genome.

Oldest zombie virus named Pandoravirus YDoma

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According to the report, European researchers have found these viruses during research-based research in Siberia, Russia, they have revived this virus for a special purpose and divided them into three different germ categories. All have been named zombie virus. According to Bloomberg’s report, researchers said that this virus was frozen in ice for years, yet it still has the ability to spread infection. Out of these viruses, the oldest zombie virus has been named Pandoravirus Yedoma. This ancient member of the germ species has also broken the record in terms of age and another dangerous germ. The age of that virus found in the year 2013 was said to be 30 thousand years but Pandoravirus Yedoma is more than 18 thousand 500 years older than that.

The risk of corona virus may increase

According to scientists, all zombie viruses have the potential to be more infectious, so it can be dangerous for people’s health. Scientists also believe that coronavirus pandemics will become more common in the future as thawing permafrost releases long-dormant viruses such as the microbial Captain America.

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