Know the price of petrol and diesel before leaving the house, know the fuel rate of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata


Petrol Diesel Rate Today: Government oil marketing companies have released new rates of petrol and diesel at 6 am today. According to this, no change has been seen in the rates of petrol and diesel in the four major metro cities of the country today. Oil companies last changed the rate of petrol and diesel in the country on 22 May and according to this, there has been no change in the price of vehicle fuel since 114 days. Today, crude oil is also seeing a rise in the international market.

what is the price of crude oil
Crude oil prices remain bullish today and global oil benchmark Brent crude has crossed $ 94. It is at $ 94.12 per barrel. At the same time, trading is going on in WTI crude at $ 87.98.

Fuel rates in four major metros of the country

Delhi Petrol Rs 96.72 per liter and diesel Rs 89.62 per liter
Mumbai Petrol Rs 106.31 per liter and diesel Rs 94.27 per liter
Chennai Petrol Rs 102.63 and Diesel Rs 94.24 per liter
Kolkata Petrol Rs 106.03 and Diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol and diesel prices in other cities
Noida-Greater Noida Petrol Rs 96.65 and Diesel Rs 89.82 per liter
Ghaziabad Petrol Rs 96.26 and Diesel Rs 89.45 per liter
Gurugram Rs 97.18 in diesel and Rs 90.05 per liter in diesel
Chandigarh Petrol Rs 96.20 and Diesel Rs 84.26 per liter
Jaipur Petrol Rs 108.48 and Diesel Rs 93.72 per liter
Hyderabad Petrol Rs 109.66 and Diesel Rs 97.82 per liter
Port Blair Petrol Rs 84.10 and Diesel Rs 79.74 per liter

Petrol and diesel rates in major cities of Bihar

Patna Petrol Rs 107.24 per liter, Diesel Rs 94.04 per liter
Bhagalpur Petrol Rs. 107.82 per liter, Diesel Rs. 94.56 per liter
Darbhanga Petrol Rs 108.02 per liter, diesel Rs 94.75 per liter
Madhubani Petrol Rs 108.45 per liter, diesel Rs 95.15 per liter

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