Kareena: Want to look fit like Bebo of Bollywood, then follow this one of her challenging exercises


Side Plank Tree Pose: Everyone is crazy about Bollywood actresses, one of them is the name which is known by the entertainment industry as Bebo i.e. Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena, who has brought zero size figure in the trend, is not hidden from anyone, how fit she is even at this age. To keep herself fit, she follows workouts and yogasanas everyday.

Recently a picture of him is becoming quite viral on social media. In which she is seen doing a yoga pose. Actually, Kareena’s advisor has shared this picture of her. In which Kareena is seen doing a challenging posture. This asana is a good option for those people who wish to have a fit body like Kareena. The name of this asana is Side Plank Tree Pose. This is another variation of the side plank. By doing this daily, your belly fat will be reduced as well as your waist will also be thin.

While sharing the picture about this asana, his trainer has written that apart from balance, attention to breath, mind and body, concentration plays an important role in doing any asana correctly.

Let’s learn how to do Side Plank Tree Pose.
First of all, do your body on the mat on one side. Now balance the whole body with your left hand. Then while doing side plank, spread your palms on the ground. Now raise your other hand in the air. Now fold one leg at the knees and place it on top of the other to make this asana more challenging.

What are the benefits of doing side plank tree pose (How does the side plank pose help)
Body balance is achieved by doing this asana.
back bone stays true
Reduces risk of back injury
strengthens your core
Your shoulders and biceps are strengthened and toned
stretches the hamstrings and wrists
builds back muscles
Lower risk of back injury
Helps in maintaining body coordination

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