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Career Options With Good Salary: Some career options are The chances of getting a good salary after joining are very good. In many places, good salary is available after years of experience, but there are some areas where joining itself a handsome Happens with amount. If you are also looking for a similar career option, then we have brought some options for you. Know what educational qualification is required to go in which field and how much salary is available here. This is a rough estimate in which increase or decrease is possible.

merchant navy

Due to the nature of this work, very good salary is available here. As the experience increases and the candidate reaches the rank of Captain from Cadet, his salary also increases accordingly. To go into this field, the candidate must have 12th pass with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Here the salary can be from 30 thousand rupees to 8 lakh rupees per month.

IT professional

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Changed time is the time of IT Professionals. Don’t know how many possibilities are there in this field from software development to IT service provider. Here Data Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Data Architect, system Work can be done in many areas like security. For this, it is necessary for the candidate to be from the engineering field. Computer science people can also work here. Their annual salary can be from seven lakh to fifty lakh rupees.

company Accountant and Company Secretary

CA and CS is a profession that never goes out of demand. Those candidates who pass CA in first class and in first class are in great demand in this field. Experience is also necessary to enter this field. Graduation and post graduation candidates can apply for CA with at least 60 percent marks from commerce stream. His salary can be from seven to seventy lakhs.

management consultant

They are also called business coach or business consultant. Mainly MBA candidates are eligible to go in this field. Sometimes this post can also be found on the basis of experience. Experience is also very important in this field. Their salary can be from 50 thousand rupees per month to 4 lakh rupees per month.

aviation service

Aviation Service ie Commercial Flying Job as a Pilot. They get appointment on good salary from the very beginning. There are no working hours in this job, but there are definitely good experiences of international flights. Investment is also strong in this career. You may have to spend up to Rs 45 lakh to become a commercial pilot and get a license. Also, flying experience of at least 200 hours is also necessary.

For this, the minimum qualification is 12th pass from Science (Maths) subjects and for this the height should be 152 cm. This is the standard of the Indian Flying School. Their salary can be from three lakh to eight lakh per month.

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