Japan’s Oldest Man Mikizo Ueda, Who Survived 1945 Hiroshima Atomic Bombing, Dies At 112


Mikizo Ueda was not just one of Japan’s oldest man, but was also someone who had fought in World War Il and even survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The 112-year-old man died on September 9, a report in The Independent said, quoting a statement issued by the Nara Municipal Government announced. He breathed his last in a nursing home in Japan’s Nara city.

Born in Kyoto in May 1910, Mikizo had moved to Osaka after the death of his family. He was said to work in the finance division of the Wakayama Prefectural Office, according to the report.

During World War Il, Mikizo served in the Navy, and witnessed the Hiroshima atomic bombing. The report said he was passionate about haiku, the traditional Japanese way of writing short poems, and published a book under a pseudonym, Morihiko Ueda.

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Japan, The Country For Old People

Japan is known to be a country with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world. The country has the most numbers of people who have had the Guinness World Records certification as the world’s oldest person alive. Quoting federal data, the Independent report said Japan had an estimated 86,510 people aged 100 years or more last year, which was a record.

On September 16, Japan’s health ministry plans to celebrate the country’s oldest living individual, Fusa Tatum, local media reported.

Fusa, 115, lives in Kashiwara city, 20 kilometers away from Osaka. She used to work in a family orchard until around 55 years of age.

Japan’s Kane Tanaka, the Guinness World Records holder for the oldest living person in 2019, died in April this year. She was 119. It was reported at the time that Tanaka was in relatively good health until recently, and enjoyed playing board games, eating chocolates, drinking soda, and solving maths problems.


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