ITR Filing: If you have filled your ITR before time, still not received refund, see reasons like this


ITR Refund Status Check Online : If you have submitted your Income Tax Return (ITR) on time and you have not received the refund from the department, then this news can prove to be of your use.

Government always gives time

Time is always given for filing income tax return by the central government. However, its purpose is to save the income tax payers from many troubles including delay in refund. 49 days have passed since the deadline for filing Income Tax Return (ITR) this year has passed.

There can be many reasons

If you have not received ITR refund till now. So the refund status can be checked on the official portal of Income Tax Department. Delay in ITR refund can happen due to various reasons.

check bank account

One of the reasons for delay in ITR refund can be verification of bank account. Let us tell you that taxpayers can check the bank account verification by logging into the e-filing portal. In this, you can find out whether your bank account is related to your PAN or not, specially check it.

View past dues

If the dues of the taxpayers are pending since the last financial year, then in this situation also there can be a lot of delay in refund. Tax consultant KC Goduka says that in such a situation the Income Tax Department will adjust the refund amount against that demand. Income tax payer must check this.

Delay in refund for less than Rs 100

Goduka says that there may be a reason for the delay in ITR refund. They say that if the amount of refund is less than Rs 100, then the Income Tax Department does not deposit it in your bank account. In such cases the amount is adjusted against future income tax refund.

Delay pending process

The process of Income Tax Refund Process starts only when the ITR is processed by the department i.e. it has been extended further. In such a situation, the income tax payers should first check whether their income tax refund has been carried forward by the department or not.

65 percent more refund

Income Tax Department has already issued ITR refund to eligible taxpayers. The Income Tax Department says that ITR refunds of Rs 1.19 lakh crore have been issued till September 8, 2022, which is 65.29 percent more than the refunds issued during the same period last year.

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