It is better to have a laptop or a desktop, how will you know? Understand here the disadvantages and advantages of both


Desktop Advantage: Many times people are in a big dilemma while buying laptop and computer, whether it would be better to buy. Especially after Corona, now their use has increased. Whether it is for online class or work from home. A system is required for both. That’s why we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of laptop and desktop.

Desktop Computers

It is also called desktop or personal computer. In this, the system is assembled by adding different parts (monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU) and work is done by placing it on a table. It is not possible to take it along with you anywhere.


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Laptop is the advanced version of desktop and works like that. But its size is like a register. Which has very less weight. You can take it with you anywhere. There is no need to sit at one place to work on it. You can work sitting anywhere as per your convenience.

difference between desktop and laptop

  • In terms of price, laptops are costlier than desktops.
  • Laptop can be taken along while going out for work. It is not possible to move around with the desktop.
  • If you do high definition work (such as video editing, gaming, animation designing, programming), then desktop is the best for you. Laptop has limited working capacity.
  • Compared to laptops, desktop upgrades are much easier and cost less.
  • It is easy and cheap to repair a desktop in case of any kind of fault, while a laptop is very expensive.
  • In the desktop, you can keep the screen as small or big as you like. Screens are fixed in laptops.
  • You can use the laptop for hours even when the lights go out because of the battery. While desktop UPS can be used only for some time.

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