Ishant Sharma does not agree with the term workload, said- ‘It is a new age word’


Ishant Sharma On Workload Management: The Indian cricket team continues to place a high emphasis on workload management. There is also a cricketer who is not fond of practicing. That cricketer is Ishant Sharma. Ishant is only the second cricketer after Zaheer Khan to play 100 Tests for India. He does not agree with the concept of workload management. He believes that the key to survival in international cricket, especially for a bowler, is to bowl more. According to him, the more fast bowlers bowl, the lesser the chances of their getting injured.

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Talking on Star Sports, Ishant Sharma said, I will only say this now, I do not think much about the workload. This is a new term which has come very soon. Which is especially used for fast bowlers. I have not seen anything like this during my international career. When I started playing, my coaches were old fashioned. He would give me the ball in hand after one o’clock in the afternoon and get me bowling till evening. This was the reason that when I made my debut for Ranji Trophy and India, I could do long spells. If you want to improve. So all you can do is keep bowling.

Team India’s many cricketers injured

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Team India’s fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah was injured before the Asia Cup. After that he was able to play some T20 matches. Bumrah got injured again. After which he was ruled out of the T20 World Cup. Recently Mohammed Shami got injured in his shoulder. Because of which he could not go on Bangladesh tour. Another bowler Deepak Chahar was injured in Bangladesh. In this case, Ishant feels that there is a need to consider the principle of long breaks given to the bowlers. He said, I think if you have made a name for yourself through domestic cricket, then you should not be selective about playing matches. If you want to play domestic cricket then no one can stop you. You can be given breaks from time to time only when you have played a lot of cricket for the country.

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