Is this disease behind not being able to become a mother? Get it checked today itself.


Problem Of Infertility: It is the dream of every woman to become a mother. But if the chirping has not resonated in your house till now, then there can be many reasons for it. Not having a child means the problem of infertility (Infertility Problems) can also become a problem for anyone. Because of this, many women become victims of depression. Along with mental problems, physical problems can also surround them. Recently, some such cases have also come, in which some women have not been able to become mothers due to a particular disease. That is, due to this disease, there can be a problem of infertility. Let’s know about this disease..

infertility due to disease

After the recent cases, this information has come to light that the problem of TB can also create obstacles in the way of women becoming mothers. Therefore, if any woman is trying to become a mother naturally for a long time and she is not getting success, then once again TB test must be done. Recently, the report of a big hospital revealed that about 23 percent of women who reached there for treatment of infertility problem were suffering from TB disease. She was able to become a mother after being treated for TB disease.

More trouble in genital TB patients

In a research report, it has been found that in the laparoscopic examination of women suffering from TB problem, about 55 percent of the women were found to have Genital Tuberculosis. The most surprising thing in this was that about 87 percent of the women who were victims of genital TB were only between 25 years to 35 years old.

TB infection reaches in utero

According to health experts of women’s diseases, TB infection reaches the uterus through the fallopian tubes of women. TB infection also reaches the ovaries and cervix through the external parts of the genitals of women.

treatment is possible

With regular treatment of TB, this problem can be easily cured. If not treated on time, this problem can become dangerous. The egg from the ovary reaches the uterus only through the fallopian tube, but the TB bacteria block the fallopian tube, due to which pregnancy does not occur.

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