Is it right or wrong to sleep while listening to songs? know today


Music While SleepingEveryone likes to listen to music and it has many benefits too. At present, efforts are also being made to provide alternative treatment to the patients through music therapy. Many people like to listen to soft music before sleeping. For some people, this becomes a habit, only after which they are able to sleep well. Know how safe is the habit of listening to songs while sleeping.

It has been revealed in many studies that listening to music with earphones is harmful for the body. It may not be fatal, but it disturbs the ear and our sleep cycle. Actually, our body has an internal clock called circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is like a 24-hour body clock that keeps track of our sleep and wake times when the environment and light changes. A good circadian rhythm helps our brain to stay alert throughout the day, due to which we are able to function well throughout the day. But, when we make the body depend on some other sound instead of this rhythm, then it is harmful for us.

It is not right to listen to music while sleeping-

Brain remains in active mode

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Actually, when we listen to the song, our mobile phone is also around us. Many times we change the songs due to which our body remains in active mode and it does not get rest. In such a situation, when some body parts are resting and some body parts are active, then due to this sleep is not completed properly and it is harmful for our health. If you sleep by playing music in high volume while sleeping, then there can be more harmful effects in the body. Sleeping with earphones while sleeping puts pressure on the skin of the ear, which can cause skin related problems.

then stop listening to music

If you get good sleep after listening to the song, then instead of earphones, listen to the song in a normal way. Keep your phone away from the bed and keep the volume of the songs light so that your body’s natural sleeping pattern will not be affected. However, it is advised that instead of songs, you should choose such a habit and lifestyle, which will automatically bring you deep sleep at night.

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