Is it difficult to sleep at night due to foot pain? Follow these easy tips


Leg Pain: Getting enough sleep is very important. But many times, despite the physical fatigue being too much, there is no good sleep. Especially when suddenly there is pain in the feet at night, then the whole night gets worse. Therefore, it is necessary to get relief from foot pain for better sleep. Today we are going to tell you about some such remedies by which you can get relief from foot pain. Let us know how to get relief from foot pain at night.

how to get rid of leg pain at night

To get relief from foot pain at night, massage your feet before sleeping. Apart from this, to reduce the pain in the feet, you should sleep in the right position.

massage feet

Massage the feet for about 5 minutes before sleeping at night. This can make you feel relaxed. For this, slowly press the toes of the feet with the help of hands. Now keep it on the pillow and sleep comfortably. This reduces fatigue of the feet. Also swelling can be reduced.

Change the position of gold

If you suddenly have pain in the legs at night, then make some changes in the sleeping position for this. For this, keep a pillow under the feet before sleeping. With this you can reduce the pain in the feet. This will give you relief. Apart from this, it also reduces swelling of the feet. At the same time, your toes feel relaxed. Sleeping with a pillow under the feet also brings good sleep.

open clogged veins

Clogged nerves can be the reason for the pain in the legs at night. Due to this there is a lot of problem in blood flow, due to which your legs can be painful. For this, heat garlic and mustard oil. Massage your feet with this. This will open the clogged veins.

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