If your luggage is stolen in the train, do this work immediately, otherwise forget your luggage


Luggage Stolen in Train: Lakhs of people travel by railway every day. In such a situation, you must have heard or seen the incidents of luggage or baggage theft during the journey, but do you know what to do if a passenger’s luggage or baggage is stolen? What steps should a traveler take to get back his/her lost luggage? Let’s know.

If a passenger’s luggage is stolen, then he should first lodge a complaint immediately, if there is no hearing even after complaining, then compensation is given by the Indian Railways. Although for this you have to do some work. If this work is not done on your behalf, then along with the goods, the compensation amount from the Railways will also not be available.

What is the rule on theft of goods

If a passenger’s luggage is stolen en route, the train conductor, coach attendant, guard or GRP escort can be contacted, according to the railway’s website. An FIR form will be given on behalf of these people. After filling it, you will be sent to the police station for necessary action. If you want to complete your journey, you can also give this complaint letter to RPF help posts at major railway stations for any assistance.

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Lost or damaged baggage rules

If you have booked your luggage for railway luggage and paid the fees, then the railway will be responsible for the loss or damage to the luggage and its full cost will be given as compensation from the railway side. But if the booking of goods has not been done, then the Railways will pay only Rs 100 per kg.

Railway will give compensation

After the luggage is stolen, the passenger has to lodge a complaint. After the complaint is registered, investigation will be done by the Railways. If the goods are not received even after checking, then the Railways will give compensation on those goods. However, this compensation may be less than the value of the luggage or baggage.

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