If you want to lose weight, eat chickpea, include it in the diet like this


Benefits Of Kabuli Chana: Due to today’s lifestyle, weight gain has become a common problem. People adopt different tricks to control weight. People sweat in the gym for hours and hours for weight loss. Improve your diet. If you are also trying to lose weight, then Chickpeas can help you. If you include it properly in your diet, then its benefits will be visible in a short time. Let us know the benefits of chickpea and how it works like a friend in weight loss.

Chickpeas are full of nutrition

According to nutrition experts, only 28 grams of Kabuli Chana contains about 102 calories. This means that eating 28 grams of Kabuli Chana provides 102 calories of energy. Along with this, about 40 percent of fiber, 70 percent of folate and 22 percent of iron are available according to the daily requirement of eating one cup of chickpeas. Our body digests Kabuli gram slowly, due to which the body does not feel hungry quickly. And it can also prevent blood sugar from increasing to some extent.

weight loss aid

Fiber and protein are also found in abundance in chickpeas. A recently released survey report has shown that after including chickpeas in their diet, people have been helped to reduce their weight by 25 percent.

Chickpea side effects too

Kabuli chana i.e. chickpeas is actually rich in protein and fibre. Chickpea can reduce the deficiency of essential protein in the body very quickly. But eating it daily for a long time can also spoil the health. If the amount of fiber or protein increases by eating chickpeas daily, problems like gas and indigestion can also occur.

right time to eat kabuli chana

Chickpeas can generally be eaten as a healthy breakfast. It can be eaten even if you suddenly feel hungry after having dinner. Chickpeas can be included in the diet in many ways. It can also be eaten with gravy, after boiling it with spices.

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