If you want to build a successful team, don’t become a boss, be a leader, avoid these antics


How To Become A Good Team Leader: Getting a team to work well, keeping everyone happy, avoiding politics and giving results in the interest of the organization, a boss has many responsibilities. On one hand the pressure of our seniors and on the other hand it is not easy to manage the team. In such a situation, if you remain as a team leader instead of a boss, then working will become very easy and good results will also come. Know what is the difference between a boss and a team leader and what things should be avoided while leading a team.

don’t be too strict

Motivating a team is a better way to get them working instead of imposing rules and deadlines on them. In such a situation, people come under pressure and their ability to work further decreases. That’s why make the environment healthy, where people can share their views with you. Do not forcefully desire respect, but be such that people automatically give you respect.

Every team member has some specialty

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A good team leader is one who understands the working quality and competence of each of his team members. A team leader knows whom to deal with. The leader also knows by whom which work can be done well. Accordingly they assign work. With this, according to everyone’s ability, the best performance can be obtained from them. Those who are lacking should also tell, but with decency and also motivate those who are doing well.

no rule but discipline

Don’t be so strict that people hide their faces on seeing you and move around or celebrate your absence, but there should not be such an atmosphere that people become chaotic. There should not be strictness but there should be discipline. Work should be completed on time, people should not break the rules, keep these things in mind. Be clear about the things you absolutely do not expect from your team members. When you will listen to them and solve their problems, no one will ever avoid your words. This is a two way relation where things are done only by understanding each other.

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